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Amazing products = Crazy Creek

Amazing products = Crazy Creek

Long story short I do a lot of sitting at a lot of events. On the grass or in the bleachers at 42 my back hurts after about 30 minutes and we all know tournaments and games last more than 30 minutes. Heck, sometimes just in the house when we have company over and lack sitting space. What to do, what to do? 

Enters Crazy Creek. A while back I was able to get my hands on two different CC products, the Hex 2.0  PowerLounger and the classic LongBack and I will tell you either will fit the bill perfectly. 

The PowerLounger was the one that caught my eye initially. Lightweight and the ability to roll it up in a smaller package really stood out. The option to lay it out was a second though that has proven a great feature, lots of grass naps and stretching, 😉. Also, the ability to fold the flap on to the seat made for a very comfortable and pleasing sitting experience. Another great aspect is the ability to roll it up. It’s easy to carry and clip to you bag or use as a fence elbow rest when the game gets tense and sitting just isn’t an option. Although they aren’t inexpensive they are worth the price. 

The LongBack is just as comfortable, a bit cheaper, and just as portable, albeit a flat storage. The cushion is great and the longer back creates a support that the typical bleacher seats just don’t provide. Great option if you want a less expensive more supported option. 

Being able to rest the corner of the seat about 2/3s if the way back on a bleacher gives you the ability to lean back just enough to ease the pain of long term sitting.  The same rings true in the grass or on an arena floor. The adjustability for comfort is perfect for all sizes. I am 5’9” and 220lbs and this things just works, wonderfully. Everyone in my family has used these and been crazy comfortable, pun intended. 

I’ve spent the last 5 months with these products and have recommended them or been asked about them who knows how many times. Loaned the second one out a bunch, which led to folks buying their own. After spending at least 15-20 hours sitting in  PowerLounger and 10-15 hours in the LongBack I’d say just choose the one that fits your budget and overall need, let it be space saving or ground pad, or bleacher/grass seat. Both are up to the task and more than capable or handling that 42 year old sore spectator back. #justsitthere #crazycreek #soreback #tournamentdad